What’s New!

The Myaamia Foundation has been hard at work over the past year! We’d like to share with you what’s new with us.

Since its inception, the Myaamia Foundation was conceptualized as an institution whose sole mission was to help fund activities of the Myaamia Center [www.myaamiacenter.org]. Upon the very generous endowment to the Myaamia Center by the Miami Nation of Oklahoma, we realized that the Foundation was not needed in the same capacity as it once was. We realized that this was an opportunity to reconceptualize our mission to more directly impact and interact with the Myaamia community.

Our new mission is focused solely on becoming a nexus point matching people, skills, ideas, and resources (both knowledge and funding) in order to create language and cultural projects to benefit the Miami people. We do this through awarding grants to projects and by providing a place for people to connect.

For example, say you want to make a children’s book based on a Miami story that is written in both Miami and English. Say there is someone else in the community who has always wanted to contribute but didn’t know how to do so, but is a fantastic graphic artist. Well, we’d be a hub where the two of you could connect. You could receive cultural and language guidance from the Myaamia Center and maybe you’d receive a grant from the foundation to complete the project.

Or, maybe you want to have a summer youth program for Miami kids, but you need guidance on the curriculum. We could help by connecting you to the right folks and by possibly awarding money to help finance this.

The Myaamia Foundation seeks to further the creation, dispersal, and usage of the knowledge of our history, culture, language, and artistic expression, all the while building and strengthening our community ties.

Please take a moment to take a look at our grant applications and also see what kind of exciting projects we have already funded. Remember, we can’t do this good work without you! Please consider donating your time and/or your talent!

Welcome to the Myaamia Foundation’s New Virtual Home

Aya Aya! Welcome to the new on-line home of the Myaamia Foundation! While here, take a look around and explore some of our new features:

About Us: Learn about our new, expanded mission.

Artist Profiles: Meet Myaamia artists and learn about their work.

Contact Us: Have questions or want to know more? Here is how to find us.

Contribute: As a non-profit, we depend on the generosity of folks like you. Please consider giving here.

Grants: Learn more about the Myaamia Foundation’s two grant programs designed to encourage the continued transmission of living knowledge and to support the revitalization of other forms of Myaamia ways of knowing.

Officers: Meet our team!

Projects: Explore some of the projects the Myaamia Foundation has funded and helped make possible.

We are in the process of building our new virtual home, so please check back frequently for updates and enhancements. Be sure also to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!