About Us

The Myaamia Foundation is dedicated to funding projects that perpetuate Myaamia language and cultural knowledge within a community context. We are a 501(c)3, tax exempt, charitable organization, incorporated in the State of Oklahoma.  The Myaamia Foundation serves two main purposes. Our first purpose is to serve as an online resource that brings Myaamia people together to share their skills, ideas, and resources among each other. Secondly, we support the development of Myaamia art and cultural projects that directly benefit Myaamia people. Through our support we strengthen community interaction and learning opportunities.

The Foundation operates with an entirely volunteer Board of Trustees who meet several times annually to oversee the work of the Foundation. The Board includes Miami Tribe members and respected allies. The Director of the foundation is also a volunteer position that serves at the pleasure of the board.  The Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Our Honorary Board of Trustees is made up of individuals who have demonstrated their interest in the Myaamia people and the work of language and cultural revitalization among Native Americans nationwide. We are happy to have their expertise and wisdom as we look for ways to enhance and support these important endeavors for the Myaamia People.

In 2002 the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma passed a resolution supporting “..the formation of a charitable organization to advance Miami cultural interests and related matters.”   The Myaamia Foundation draws additional guidance and support from entities deeply committed to tribal education and the dissemination of tribal knowledge.  These entities include various offices within the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (www.miamination.com) and the Myaamia Center (www.myaamiacenter.org) at Miami University.  Through our collaborative efforts we seek to bring stability, success, and well-being to the various Myaamia communities.