Artist Profiles

This page features profiles of a few invited community artisans.  The artists listed below are in compliance with the 1990 Indian Arts and Crafts Act and are enrolled members of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma or individually certified as an Indian artisan by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

Andrew J. Strack
andrew strackAndrew is a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma from Kendallville, IN. He currently lives in Oxford, Ohio. Andrew joined the Myaamia Project as Media Specialist in September 2007 after graduating from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. He now directs the Technology and Publications Office of the Myaamia Center.

Andrew specializes in digital photography and videography.  He professional experience began in 2007, using these skills to document Myaamia events, as well as his own personal projects.  You can examine his photography portfolio here, and contact him via email.

Katrina Mitten
Katrina is a citizen of the Miami tribe of Oklahoma, born and raised in Indiana-her tribal homelands. Inspired at the age of 12 to pursue an art traditional to the great lakes people, she began learning the art of embroidery style native beadwork.  Katrina has learned the art through study of family heirlooms, museum collections and practice. Many of the forms depicted in her beadwork are representative of her people.  Visit Katrina’s website to see work examples and contact her.