_DSC0337The Myaamia Foundation has two grant programs designed to encourage the continued transmission of living knowledge and to support the revitalization of other forms of Myaamia ways of knowing.  These grants are available to Myaamia people in order to provide community members with financial support for passing on important knowledge and skills that aid in the wider efforts of the Myaamia Nation to preserve our cultural heritage.

The first of these grant programs is the Traditional Knowledge Grant.  This program is designed to support the exploration, education, and research of traditional Myaamia forms of knowledge.  This is the broadest of our grant programs and is intended to support a wide variety of interests.DSC_0193

The second grant program is the Myaamia Arts Grant.  This program is specifically designed to support community artists who are interested in sharing their craft, exploring new art forms, producing products for community consumption, or other activities that support the Myaamia arts community.  This program is our most restricted of our grant programs and is intended to support tribal artists specifically.

Grant Documents

Failure to submit required reports in a timely fashion will result in ineligibility for future funding.

Due to limited funding, please make sure your application is complete. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Myaamia Foundation Director at